Pina Fair

Pina Fair

At the end of September, the village of Pina, in the district of Algaida, celebrates the feast day of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian. As well as the Fair itself, the programme always includes community lunches and suppers, dances and competitions, to which all of the neighbours of the village are invited.



Pina, second or third Saturady of Septembre


The first edition of the Fair was held on 21 September 2013. It offers a range of artisanal products and foods from the convents and monasteries in Majorca and is part of the celebrations for the Saint’s Days of Cosmas and Damian, which is on 26 September. In addition to the artisanal products and foods from the convents, products from the region of Algaida can also be discovered and bought and the delicious tapas and dishes of the restaurants in Pina can be tasted. Guided tours of the parish church, the convent and the Pina Fountain are also organised, as well as children’s games and traditional dances.

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