Windmills Route

Windmills Route

Cultural tour around d’Algaida.


Difficulty level



5 km


As a result of its long-standing tradition of farming, livestock and, in general, all types of agricultural activities, the region of Pla de Mallorca has a large number of buildings designed to exploit and use resources. Among them are the windmills.

In Algaida there are 16 windmills, all privately owned. With the exception of the windmill of Sa Talaieta, which consists only of a tower, all the windmills have a base, which was used for storage and as living quarters.

  1. This route begins at the Sa Talaieta windmill.
  2. Afterwards, head towards the windmills of Xina, S’Aljub, Gasparino (also known as Fosca) and the windmill of Barrera.
  3. Next, we will visit the windmills of Sant, Mostaxet, Pau, Sa Punta, Bosso and the Roig windmill.
  4. After this, the route continues to the windmills of Boi, Nofre, Nou, Mulet or Falconer and finally the Andreu windmill.