Treurer Olive Oils

Treurer Olive Oils


Tel: +34 971 665 994


Finca Treurer Cra. Llucmajor – Algaida, Km. 5,7

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Treurer is an estate where olive trees are grown and where olive oil is produced under the Oil of Majorca DO. The Miralles family, owners of the property, look after the olive trees all year round to ensure that the olives are healthy for picking, thus producing a higher quality oil. This oil, the treasure of the estate and also known as liquid gold, is mechanically extracted from the Arbequina olives and unfiltered. The result is a balanced oil, made from medium-sized olives, slightly bitter and moderately pungent. This sublime oil is characteristic for its magnificent aroma, with hints of almond, green almond, walnut and fennel.