Route of the Serra de Galdent

Route of the Serra de Galdent

Trekking around Algaida.


Difficulty level



15 km


This route begins in the Plaça d’Algaida. Follow Sant Joan street, towards the cross and the well of Colomer. Continue south along Migdia street, which is the Llucmajor road. Without leaving the town, turn right onto Sol street, where the windmill is. As you leave the village, on the right there is another windmill, the Bosso windmill. Leaving the Son Agustí and Punxuat roads, take the secondary road from Algaida to Llucmajor, along the Son Miquel Joan lane. Carry on along the road and around five minutes after leaving Algaida you will pass the houses of Can Ricard (on the right). A few metres ahead, turn left, along a narrower paved road, the Son Roig i de l’Heretat lane. After a curve to the right, you will arrive at the houses of Son Roig. From here carry on along the Son Seguí i de l’Heretat lane. Close to the houses of Son Roig is a crossroads. The route continues to the right, towards the beginning of the path up to Puig de Son Roig, or Galdent. After five minutes or so, before reaching a house called Recó de s’Heretat, turn left.

Around three minutes after leaving Recó de s’Heretat pay attention, because you need to leave the wide lane that leads to Can Rectoria, and turn to the right towards Puig de Galdent, along a bridle path, which will gradually become steeper and narrower. After a while you will reach the top of Puig de Galdent (419 m). From here, to the east you will see the hills of Puig de Randa and the plain of Punxuat to the west.

Hike down from Puig de Galdent, known by the people of Algaida as Puig de Son Roig, towards the area of La Sopegada del Gegant. Walk along a rocky edge and when you reach a small mountain pass continue towards the left, along what hardly seems like a path. Leave the left slope and move to the right. Go back to the left and, as you walk down, you will reach the ruins of a small shepherd’s hut. Leaving the ruins behind, continue on towards the area of La Sopegada del Gegant. After a few minutes you will arrive at a hill which separates Puig de Galdent from the rocky edge of La Sopegada del Gegant. Head slightly to the right and walk around the deep hollow to the left, with vertical rocky crags.

From La Sopegada del Gegant, walk down the south side of the Serra de Galdent, where the sandstone quarries of Galdent are located. Llucmajor can be seen in the distance. Leave the Galdent restaurant behind and continue along the paved road. After around 300 metres, turn left onto the Ses Puntes track. This will lead you to the houses of Puntes de Galdent, after around 20 minutes, which are along the roadside. From the houses, turn left onto the road. After a couple of minutes, you will reach a three-way fork. Take the road on the left, onto the Galdent lane. A few minutes later you will reach the crossroads with the paved road. Go past the entrance to the cemetery and, at the next crossroads, some 500 metres from the cemetery, turn left, arriving at Llucmajor, where the route ends.