Boundary Crosses Route

Boundary Crosses Route

Cultural tour around Algaida.


Difficulty level



10 km


There are 7 boundary crosses in Algaida, built between the 16th and 17th centuries. Five of them are located in the town itself and two are on the outskirts. These are monumental crosses that are located at the entrance points to the town. They each stand on a base with steps and have crosses of different types.

The route begins at the cross of Massot, on Ribera street. On the Algaida-Pina road is the cross of S’Hostal d’en Gi or Traginers. On Colomer street, there is a Renaissance-style cross of the same name as the street it is on. The next stop is at the cross of Can Vicó, at the crossroads of Palma and Sa Quarterada. On the outskirts of Algaida, in the garigue on the Binicomprat estate, is the Binicomprat or Empestats cross, thus called as it was used to mark the common grave for victims of the plague during the 17th century. The last cross on the route is the one on the old Palma road, which marks the boundary between the districts of Palma and Algaida.