Parish Church of “Immaculada i el beat Ramon Llull”

Parish Church of “Immaculada i el beat Ramon Llull”

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c/ Església

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The church, located in Randa, was built between 1765 and 1770 and became a parish in 1913. The lintelled doorway on the façade has a niche with an image of Ramon Llull and a stained glass rose window. The five-level bell tower stands to the left, with a balcony and windowed turret and a dome-shaped top. Its interior, with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, has four chapels on the left and three on the right. Of note is the chapel of Saint Joseph, with a late Baroque altarpiece, patronised by the Sastre d’Estacar family. The Sacrarium chapel, bearing the Morell de Albenya coat of arms, contains an image of the Immaculate Conception dating from the 16th century. On the Baroque-style main altar, is an image of Ramon Llull.

The sacristy, with its rib-vaulted ceiling, contains a canvas which used to be displayed on the main altar, depicting scenes of the life of Ramon Llull as well as a portrait of the chronicler and provost Guillem Terrassa.


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