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Santuario de Sant Honorat

The shrine was founded by the hermit and priest Arnau Desbrull in 1394. In 1763 it became the property of the Hermits of Sant Pau y Sant Antoni. In 1890 father Joaquim Rosselló retired there and subsequently founded the congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts. Since 1915 this congregation’s novitiate is located at Sant Honorat.
The esplanade at the entrance is wide and paved. To the east is the frontage of the shrine, dating to 1888, with two rounded keystone arches, a small water drain molded as a archivolt and a cross above the two portals. The left portal leads to the chapel and the right one leads to the guard house of the shrine, with an image of Ramon LLull in the tympanum. There are also four little rounded arch windows and an arcade of rounded blind arches in the upper section. Between the portals is a ceramic sign, dating to 1976, depicting Saint Honorat.
The church was completed in 1661. The main façade boasts a molded lintelled portal crowned by a niche with the image of Sant Honorat, a coat of arms on either side respectively belonging to the Tagamanent and Amar families and a Gothic inscription recovered from the original church dating back to 1397. The church has a rectangular nave made up of three section, a barrel vaulted ceiling with lunettes, three side chapels and gallery with an edge vaulted ceiling, as well as the square shaped presbytery. To the left of the confessionary are the images of the Virgin of the Rosary and of The Christ of the Hermits, of the 14th century; to the right are the Virgen de Lorda, the chapel of santa Margarita Maria de Alacoque and that of the Sagrados Corazones. The main altarpiece, dating to 1928, has disappeared and has been replaced by a stone wall with three niches housing the images of saint Honorato, Ramón Llull and the blessed Francesc Palau. To the left of the presbytery is a small chapel with a lowered arch housing an image of the Virgen de Lluc.
The enclosure includes the rooms for the congregation and the oratory of the blessed Francesc Palau, a small independent chapel with an image of the Virgen del Carmen and of the Virgen de la Empanada, built during the second half of the 20th century. Above there is a lookout point offering breathtaking panoramic views.

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