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Santuario y Museo de Nostra Senyora de Cura

The Shrine of Virgen María de Cura is on the top of Puig de Randa 543 m), within the municipality of Algaida at the border with Llucmajor.
The historical importance of Cura began in the 13th century, following the Conquest by King Jaime I. The Franciscans took it over and installed the novitiate in Majorca.
In 1449, the Catalan Llullian specialist Pere Joan Llobet restored the chapel Virgen María de Randa, opened by Ramon Llull and founded the school of Llullian art which disappeared after.
In 1502 and as part of the plans under way of the Estudi General, the College of the Mount of Randa, subsequently the College of Cura and active until 1826, was founded next to the former chapel of the Virgen María de Randa (as a result of the fame earned by the sculpture for healing diseases, it has been known since the 16th century as Virgen María de Cura). At the start of the 20th century Bishop Pere Joan Campins restored the former shrime and in 1913 the buildings for the Franciscan monks were built. In 1955, the image of the Virgin Mary received the papal blessing.
Access to the shrine enclosure is through a large lintelled portal. Once inside, there is a large esplanade. The cells enclose the courtyard to the left, whereas the religious buildings are erected all along the right side: church, monastery and school. There is a bar-restaurant at the end.
In the convent we find the grammar room, currently the shrine museum displaying many manuscripts and valuable pieces such as paintings, furniture, religious objects and a collection of couplets dedicated to Ramon Llull. A small adjacent hall contains a valuable copy of an ancient map of Majorca belonging to Cardinal Despuig.

Tel: +34 971 660 994
Address: Santuari de Cura – Randa