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Els Cossiers

The dance of the Cossiers is a set of Majorcan popular dances typical of the villages of Algaida, Manacor, Alaró, Montuïri and Inca. Of uncertain origin, it has been danced since the 14th century and symbolises the battle between Good and Evil.

In the case of Algaida, the Cossiers are six men and one woman dressed in white. The woman has bells in her hands and the men carry silk handkerchiefs and bunches of basil. They are accompanied by the Devil, a festive and fun figure who entertains the children. They all dance to the melodies played on the ‘xeremies’ and the ‘fabiols’, traditional Majorcan instruments. The names of the various dances are: Mestre Joan, Els Reis, Flor de Murta, Dansa Nova, Obriu-nos, Mergançó, Titoieta, Les Bombes and L’Oferta. The cossiers only dance three times a year: on the festivity of Saint Honorat (16th January) and on the 24th and 25th of July, during the Festivities of Saint James.

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