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Possessió de Punxuat

Punxuat is an estate in the municipality of Algaida. It used to border to the north with the Serra de Galdent; to the south, with the Galdent estate in Llucmajor; to the east, with other estates and, to the west, with Son Canals. The etymological origin is unknown and it appears in the Book of Land Distribution of Majorca as a donation made by the King to his knights. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the estate was owned by the Santacília family and was one of the most important in Algaida.
Some legends suggest that Punxuat was once a monastery for the knights of the order of Sant Jordi de Alfama, established in Majorca a little before 1300. Until 1927 there were ruins of a large building next to the chapel which were assumed to be part of the monastery. The complex was protected by a defence tower dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The lower entrance to the tower is of Gothic style, leading the way up to the rooftop via a unique spiral staircase. The current chapel at Punxuat seems to have been used as a cellar and, more recently, as a hay barn. It was restored in 1980. The property also boasts a large water tank carved out of the rock with a capacity of 400 tons of water that is covered by an arch.

Address: Camí de Son Miquel Joan