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Iglesia parroquial de Sant Cosme i Sant Damià

The works began in 1853 supported by the developer and the residents of Pina. The new church was blessed in 1858 and was dedicated to the Physician Saints Cosme and Damian and the Virgin of Health. The interior decoration of the temple was carried out between 1859 and 1875, according to an iconographic plan designed and managed by father Gabriel Mariano Ribas of Pina. It has been a parish church since 1935.

The frontage boasts a lintelled doorway with a triangular pediment, a rose window and a pediment crowned by a cross. Two belfries rise on either side – each one crowned by the saints Cosme and Damià. The classic Italianate interior has a single three-sectioned nave and a barrel vaulted ceiling with lunettes. Its two side chapels are connected with one another, with a domed transept and square apse in the presbytery. The pictorial décor includes many images of the Virgin Mary with a clearly didactic purpose, displayed on the walls, the vaulted ceiling, the dome and the arms of the transept, as well as in the chapels, which with themed paintings of Christ, Saint Francis, Santa Catalina Tomas, San Antonio Abad, San José and the Purísima). Most of the frescoes were painted by Vicenç Mates, with contributions from Salvador Torres, Melcior Umbert and Bartomeu Bordoy.

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